Yeah, I do believe he do belong-like which have Sookie middle-end out of S1 and that only increases his craziness

Yeah, I do believe he do belong-like which have Sookie middle-end out of S1 and that only increases his craziness

Mia and you may Joe Their dos posts extremely made numerous feel and made me realize Ab does know Bill’s profile! The guy very performed set book Bill in there during the seasons dos. I suppose 12 months step one would be to eliminate people when you look at the, make them fall in love with B/S as well as the fresh new emails out-of Bon Conditions. Since he or she is planning, hopefully, reveal Bill’s fall, it’ too crappy you to definitely Statement Lovers (and really SM partner’s) didn’t pay attention to the cues.

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You are one another very right. And also, guide Bill, when you’re whiny and you may a while stalkerish, do redeem themselves at the bottom. He proves that he is just giving lip provider to help you their devotion so you’re able to Sookie. He will get the brand new old boyfriend-boyfriend to nonetheless admiration (however one we offer HEA as the he is very whipped he could be ridiculous).

Anyhow, Russell and you may staff proceed to torture Statement and you can Lorena can’t stand it due to the fact she loves your way too much

All of you most of the build such as great products! Lena and you can Jo, all of you obviously have me personally thinking about TB Bill and you may Ab. I didn’t discover every lies which he have told in each other Seasons! All of you are so right! I think (promise! In reality, I believe which simply based on all the slight clues and you can hints they’ve been providing us with while in the each other Seasons. I additionally imagine these were looking to set united states to mark united states into Costs/Sookie inside the first 12 months – just like the guides Perhaps. If you ask me which explains why they produced Eric therefore ugly during the the first Season. That ugly wig, their face checked additional soft in certain moments, and his awesome clothing was low-descript as well as slightly unwell-fitting. Got they generated him lookup once the gorgeous in the S1 as he they did inside the S2 (when we are now designed to thought he or she is beautiful) not one person could have repaid people attention to Costs.

In my opinion you will find gonna be some sort of emotional connection. Also, I truly thought she’ll perish in S3. My personal capture so is this: Sookie are TB Bill’s form of Publication Bill’s database. The guy takes the task assigned to your because of the Queen most absolutely. Which accounts for their obsessive/compulsive/repulsive actions. However, on the whole, it’s his obligations toward Queen that renders your work the way the guy do. I believe Lorena told Russell about the telepath to make your alert to exactly what an asset she actually is.

About Lorena and you will Expenses, I am with Gigi for the reason that I really don’t envision Bill could be intimately otherwise romantically connected with this lady but I think he might just be sure to cut the girl instead

I do believe that is why it kidnap Expenses – to possess Lorena it is an effective way to separate him of Sookie forever – especially if Russell agreements on providing this lady out-of Costs and you will remaining your to own himself along with his MS organization welfare. To own Russell, it is leverage to obtain Sookie to come calmly to your (and get) since she will lose by herself to possess Bill. Also, in the event that allegedly there is crappy bloodstream (no the ?? ) ranging from Russell and Eric (since purportedly Eric is meant to avenge anyone), it makes the deal getting Russell this much sweeter. The chance to acquire a secured item and deal they out-of Eric at the same time.

To help you Gigi’s part, she will make an effort to save your. Costs and you may Lorena reconnect with the a difficult top. I am hoping that it’s Russell you to definitely tells Sookie regarding Bill’s betrayal and never Eric. Or they ensure that is stays such as the fresh new instructions and you can Eric usually push Expenses to inform her however, they make it clear it’s because he cares in the Sookie and never because he could be an opportunist. Wishful considering. Maybe someday you’ll find out”. We never ever actually regarded you to definition! I usually believe they meant you to definitely Eric do turn the lady in the event the he could (as with the fresh new fantasy sequence to help you SVB’s point). You guys helped me reconsider you to entire scene! I need to see they once again.

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